Our goals

Our vision

Our mission is:

  • In our product. We design, manufacture and distribute high-quality innovating sun-shading textiles.
  • In our clients. In order to gain full customer’s satisfaction, we find solutions in terms of sun protection to fulfill the needs of indoor and outdoor shading materials.
  • In corporate liabilities. As a public enterprise, we constantly improve to conform high standards of the industry, comply the requirements of our shareholders as well as investing in our employees.
  • In our employees. We create the good opportunities for our employees for their prosperity as well as personal development.
  • In environment protection. As one of the leading manufacturer in the industry, we base our production process as well as post-production activities on minimizing the harmful impact on the environment, optimizing energy and water consumption, recycling the waste products and reduction of chemicals usage.

Our goals are:

  • To improve traditional technologies as well as implement innovations into manufacturing process of technical textiles;
  • To create trends for high-quality efficient stylish sun-shading and architectural shading fabrics;
  • To provide a full cycle customer`s support;
  • To implement latest management system and strategy;

Our vision – is to become the world’s leading sun-shade fabric manufacturer.